Audio Lotion hit the music scene in 1999 with their debut album »advanced skin care«, a sensual blend of mellow drum'n'bass, ambient, jazzy downbeat and elements from classic and latin music. 2001 saw the release of the follow-up album »your sonic beauty case«, which continued the trend of relaxed and groovy lounge music. Band name and album titles suggest the concept behind the art: Audio Lotion is wellness for mind and body, it's your daily beauty treatment applied to your ears, and soothing your soul. At the same time, track titles such as »a ravishing supermodel's early morning noises«, »vanessa is introduced to the temple of rejuvenation« or »jacuzzi jazz« reveal Audio Lotion's love for the tongue-in-cheek play with words from the world of beauty, fashion and cosmetics.

In the 2003 album »¡adelante!«, Audio Lotion lived out their secret love for latin music, presenting a pure, authentic mix of easy yet touching bossa nova grooves, jazzy instrumentals, and catchy vocal tunes, amply featuring the enchanting voice of singer Noreen. The album was remarkable for uniting an uplifting feel-good atmosphere with emotional profundity. No wonder it caught the attention of German-based record label »Mole Listening Pearls« which re-released the album in a different guise in the whole of Europe. But that was only the beginning of the expansion of Audio Lotion's domain of influence: 3 tracks from »¡adelante!« were chosen for season 6 of the world-famous TV series »Sex and the City« (details below).

Audio Lotion's new album »metrosensual« (2005) is their richest musical work so far. It takes the listener on a journey around the globe, from occident to orient, from the sultry passions of Brasil to the shimmering cold of Antarctica, from the mysteriously seductive rhythms of India to the electronic beats of western urban melting-pots. And again, all this comes with a touch of winking irony, as e.g. when the dutiful indian servant exclaims to his master in pre-hysteric excitement that he's never seen a dead cobra in a first-class cabin.

Audio Lotion's vocal muse and faithful companion has been singer Noreen (*1979), who has contributed her lovely voice and composing/writing skills to various tracks since the second album. She sings in the tradition of bossa nova stars such as Astrud and Bebel Gilberto. After being a student of law for 2 years, Noreen has discovered her love for history and archeology.

Audio Lotion was discovered by renowned Swiss DJ and producer Minus 8 (, who is the mind behind the critically acclaimed »Science Fiction Jazz« compilation series. Audio Lotion are signed to Germany's label Mole Listening Pearls (

»Sex and the City« featuring Audio Lotion

Season 6, Episode 84: Boy, interrupted

Song 03: Carrie thinks and types.

Audio Lotion: »As Velas« (from the CD: ¡Adelante!)

Season 6, Episode 90: Out of the frying pan

Song 09: Carrie tries to comfort Samantha.

Audio Lotion: »Jacuzzi Jazz« (from the CD: ¡Adelante!)

Season 6, Episode 93: An American girl in Paris (Part Une)

Song 03: The girls have their last dinner together.

Audio Lotion: »El Mensaje« (from the CD: ¡Adelante!)


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